CableMaster can provide virtually any type of multi-conductor cable available on the market today. Throughout the industry, CableMaster is a recognized leader in custom cable and wire solutions. CableMaster possesses a vast knowledge of cable and wire for both the North American and European markets. We work with our customers to provide a consistent custom solution to your cable and wire needs, even if your application is demanding.

CableMaster provides a broad line of UL Listed, NEC, and CEC multi-conductor cables available in a wide variety of insulation and jacketing materials. These materials provide extra flexibility, extended flex life, miniaturization, high/low-temperature performance, and resistance to oils and corrosive chemicals. Each cable’s design protects signal integrity under critical conditions by reducing hum, noise, and crosstalk.

CableMaster multi-conductor cables and wire are used in diverse applications. These applications include medical electronics, communications, data transmission, robotics, defense electronics, power distribution, and computer peripherals.

CableMaster can quickly provide custom manufactured multi-conductor cables and wire designed to meet your most demanding specifications and applications.

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