Over Molding Capabilities

CableMaster can provide a turnkey solution for your over-molding needs. This solution allows us to offer the following services:

  • Competitive Tooling Cost
  • Rapid prototyping tool production, lead time of fewer than two weeks, including shipping from Asia.
  • Rapid manufacturing time, between two to three weeks including Asia.
  • Ability to perform over molding on different resins with a different shore A hardness.
  • Resins include PVC, TPE, TPU, PP, PE and other synthetic rubbers.

CableMaster provides a wide range of custom cable over-molding options from simple rip stops to complicated transition molds. Connector over molds provides improved strain relief and mechanical structure for the wire terminations and cable flex life. Designed for maximum versatility in tool design, allowing for significantly lower costs to our customers.

We provide over molds for most sizes of Molex, Amp/TE Connectivity, and Delphi Packard Connectors. This economical over mold provides additional strain relief to the cable and connector body.

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